Exhibition Design


Nah am Leben

The Gipsformerei, Berlin’s plaster casting workshop, this year celebrates its 200th anniversary, and in recognition the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin has put together a special exhibition to showcase the technique of taking casts from life and nature. The exhibition is predicated on the idea that taking casts was the method of choice to – quite literally – get closest to life and death. The exhibitiondesign aims at underlining the ambivalence inherent to the exhibits on display. After all, the moulds and models from the Gipsformerei oscillate in their function between tools and museum exhibits, between objects in daily use and as collection items.

"The intensive joint work with Schroeder Rauch was a great enrichment for our exhibition project in every respect.With a great feeling for the special features of our object collection, a high degree of adaptability to the curatorial concept and a profound understanding of the spatial structures of the new building, they helped our collection to make an appearance that will be remembered for a long time to come," – Dr. Veronika Tocha, Curator
Pictures by © Schroeder Rauch, BfF Philipp Jester, 2019